With Our Vutility team we provide the next generation secondary measurement solution providing a simple and easy installation and providing data instantly, minute by minute, with unbreakable security standards with double encryption.

Vutility’s sensors allow you to gain insights into your utility usage every

With Vutility, streamline your efforts and see all of your energy usage in real-time.

  • Asset Monitoring.
  • Utility Agnostic.
  • Power Usage

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Sustainability Efforts

The key to an effective sustainability initiative is the use of data to baseline progress.
Faster Results
Faster Results

With accurate, real-time data of your energy usage, make educated improvements to decrease your company’s carbon footprint. Vutility provides minute-by-minute data to help you on your progress to sustainability.

Identify Inefficiencies
Identify Inefficiencies

By analyzing the information provided by Vutility, find inefficiencies that are affecting your sustainability efforts. Vutility provides the resources to identify issues and allows you to see the benefits as you course correct.

Closer to Your Goal
Closer to Your Goal

It’s difficult to gauge your progress without data to support your efforts. Install the HotDrop within minutes and easily monitor the assets that matter in your sustainability efforts easily.

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