Wireless Voltage Meters 0-500 VAC

Have absolute power? Know absolutely.
Monnit’s 0–500 VAC voltage meter is an easy-to-deploy wireless interface for measuring voltage.

Within 15 minutes, this sensor can be mounted, connected to a machine, and configured. The meter then monitors potential differences between two electrical points at user-determined intervals. If it detects voltages that have fallen below or risen above user-set thresholds, the user is alerted via email, text, or call.


More ways to monitor voltage

This 500 VAC voltage meter is available in a mini (yet mighty) CC battery-operated variant, an enterprise-ready AA battery-powered sensor, and a weatherproof industrial-grade voltage meter. Monnit’s variety supports diverse assets ranging from electrical motors inside a machine shop to backup generators outside.

Start remotely tracking the voltage status of your machines with one of the wireless voltage meters below.

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