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About us

Advance Industrial Wireless Technologies and Solutions (AIWT&S)

We are a group of Engineers with more than 25 years, with the vision of providing critical infrastructure clients in oil, gas, water, wastewater, mining industries, irrigation, agriculture and other areas with technologies solutions in instrumentation and control, automation and advanced technologies to improve your operation, increase efficiency and productivity, while reducing your total implementation costs.

Our Commitment

We Boost Our Client’s Success.

Our commitment is to offer customers high-quality solutions and services that include:

Wireless Instruments

We offer the most advanced wireless instrumentation that is used at remote sites to measure level, temperature, pressure, etc.

COVID 19 Solutions, Products and Services

We offer customers the reliability and time to market that they require to to combat and prevent COVID-19.

Telemetry Solutions

We offer the highest performance controllers (RTUs) and data radios that are used in all kinds of process automation and telemetry applications.

Cloud/IIoT based SCADA system

Systems are specifically designed for real-time control and monitoring.

Our Products

We offer our clients high quality solutions and services


SignalFire Wireless Telemetry was created to answer a need for transferring data wirelessly over vast geographic distances. The SignalFire system is a robust, short-range intelligent mesh network designed to give asset managers access to valuable process data.


Monnit Corporation was established to capitalize on the emerging trend of connecting to, monitoring and controlling machines and other “things” in our environment (Internet of Things – IoT Technologies).


With Our VUTILITY equipment we provide the latest generation secondary measurement solution providing a simple and easy installation and providing data instantly, minute by minute, with unbreakable security standards with double encryption.


Industrial Shields Inc. offers high quality and competitive priced Industrial Controllers and Panel PCs based on Open Source Hardware. To provide low-cost solutions for automation, especially for industrial markets.

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Our Productos

We offer a variety of telemetry equipment for your company


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